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Shared filesystem between servers using NFS

Mar 30th, 2017 in Servers and Scaling

Mount a directory to be shared between multiple servers using Network File System (NFS).

Using model callbacks in SQLAlchemy to generate slugs

Feb 7th, 2017 in Python

Dive into SQLAlchemy's little known `event.listen` method to automatically generate slugs when saving a model instance.

Overriding default Jinja dictionary attributes in Python view templates

Jan 29th, 2017 in Python

How to use the `do` Jinja extension to modify an existing dictionary in your view template.

Create a custom Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda - Part 3 (Lambda)

Dec 18th, 2016 in ProductServers and Scaling

Configuring your Lambda function for use with an Alexa skill.

Create a custom Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda - Part 2 (Alexa Skill)

Nov 10th, 2016 in ProductServers and Scaling

How to create and configure a custom Alexa Skill.

Create a custom Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda - Part 1 (Overview)

Nov 1st, 2016 in ProductServers and Scaling

How to build a server-less application which handles authentication, saves details to DynamoDB, and communicates via Amazon's Alexa-enabled products.

Custom Jinja template filters in Flask

Oct 30th, 2016 in Python

A short snippet for creating a template filter, to present datetime objects in Jinja templates.

JSON field type in SQLAlchemy (Flask / Python)

Sep 8th, 2016 in Python

Want to store JSON-serialized data in your database? But sick of calling `json.loads()` and `json.dumps()` when dealing with this data in your Flask app? Read on!

Debugging mobile apps with Charles proxy

Aug 15th, 2016 in ToolsAndroid

Notes on using a HTTP / reverse proxy (Charles) to view all traffic between your mobile device and the internet.

Using iptables to open a port on CentOS

Jul 25th, 2016 in Servers and Scaling

A quick look at using iptables to manage a simple firewall and enable restricted public access to your server.