Libraries, packages, and applications I use from time to time.

Bash script to relink alembic migrations

Sick of `alembic merge heads` slowing down your builds? Here's a short bash script I wrote to rename your migration files and update its down revision.

Running Metabase locally as a service

Want the power of Periscope or Tableau, without the big monthly bill? Setup Metabase to run locally on your CentOS server.

Debugging mobile apps with Charles proxy

Aug 15th, 2016 in Tools | Android

Notes on using a HTTP / reverse proxy (Charles) to view all traffic between your mobile device and the internet.

Creating lists of CSS selectors with SASS

Jun 21st, 2016 in Tools

I like to use CSS selectors like .margin-top-10, .padding-right-20, etc to quickly style a new page. Here's how I create them in SASS.